"I don't like it Lycurgus." Archidamus said. "These Orks are up to something."

"Aye Chapter Master, though usually unpredictable, these Orks must have a large Warboss at their head who must be responsible for this behavior. What word of the scouts we sent outside of the perimeter of their encampment?"

"More of the same, a steady stream of Orks every day by every hour. It seems we'll be vastly outnumbered soon. So long as we can hold the Lion's Gate we can claim victory through sheer attrition and if our reinforcements arrive in time."

Far from the Spartiate Chapter's homeworld of Lakonia, a contingent of Astartes responded to distress calls originating from the world of Malis. Word reach Chapter Master Archidamus and he mustered the 1st Company to defend the system from the impending Ork invasion. The Spartiate Chapter of Astartes came from an unknown Founding, and follow their own battle doctrines although recognizing some wisdom from the Codex Astartes. Their notable deviations consist of a preference to mostly consist of Breacher Squads armed for both ranged and close combat; along with expanding their Companies from 100 battle brothers to 300. The 1st Company Captain also held the same status as Chapter Master though only one would lead during a campaign, to ensure the chain of command was never compromised during a crisis. They also held many ritual observances, and would strictly heed these festivals and ideals, even to the point of sacrificing worlds to the depredation of the alien. This did not gain them any favor with much of humanity, though none could doubt their honor or prowess in battle if any were to ever aid them.

"Chapter Master, the 1st Company is assembled and awaiting instruction." 1st Champion Arison reported.

Chapter Master Archidamus moved his way through the ranks of Astartes to the fore, to view the battleground along with his men.

"Brothers, though we are few, we answered a plea for help. Despite our own violations of our sacred rituals, I stand by my decision to aid the people of this world from one of the largest Waaghs in this systems' history. We cannot allow these greenskin vermin to infest this world and break out toward others."

"Ah-Ooh!" replied 1st Company

"We will stand here, among the Lion's Gate."


"We will die here should it be required of us, among the Lion's Gate."


"We will give The Emperor a spectacle of blood."


"We will honor him with our deaths."


"So we will kill as many of these bastards as we can."


"For Lakonia!"

"Ah-Ooh! For Lakonia!"

Chapter Master Archidamus locked himself into place within the phalanx of breacher shields, bolters primed to bring death toward the advancing Orks. They were a tide without number. A vast green sea of hate, happiness, and ignorance. They would find only death.


The screams of absolute joy could be heard among the roar of the heaving masses advancing upon them.


They moved fast, and well within bolter distance, but Chapter Master Archidamus wanted maximum lethality, so he held the order that would unleash defiance against such overwhelming odds. Just a little closer, a little closer.


Fusillades of mass reactive rounds erupted from the slotted bolters in the breacher shields, sending explosive tipped rounds into the flesh wall advancing with all haste. Row upon row of Orks died on the battlefield, nowhere near their goal. Those lucky enough to get within melee range were quickly cut down with power glaives. As the massacre went on, Ork morale seemed to break, and soon enough they were in flight from the ferocity of the tightly packed formation.


Breaking ranks, the Spartiates loped across the field toward their retreating foe, and when realizing the opportunity, the Nob in charge of the green mob turned and ordered Orks to counter-charge. The two forces met with the cacophonous din of battle, only for the Orks to lose decisively. Chapter Master Archidamus was at the tip of the Lambda formation with the rest of his battle brothers in two. Piercing through their massed flesh like an arrow the Spartiates showed only the cold calculus of death, each bolter shot and each swing of the power glaive brought down Ork after Ork, until finally the tip of the thrust reached its intended victim, that of the leading boss.

"Now dis is a propa foight! I ain't neva fought 'ese Space Muhreens but deyz know how ter foight propa loik, wiv disipine' unloik 'ese layabouts dat call demselves Orky. Waaaggghhhh!"

With a ferocious challenge, the Nob charged toward Chapter Master Archidamus, only to be met with swings from power glaives and bolter rounds from the wedged formation. However, due to his thick hide and even thicker armored plate, the rounds had little to no effect.


At his word, 1st Company broke and expanded the field into a circular perimeter around the Chapter Master and the Ork Nob. Fighting a pitched battle to ensure the success of their Chapter Master, 1st Company held the line, and brought many an Ork to their swift death.

"I loik you space Muhreen! Dat shiny 'elmet wif dat fan'zee hair will make a noice trophy."

"Come and take it!"

With a joyous bellow the Ork Nob charged and swing his massive maul of weighted, spiked iron. Easily sidestepping the weapons weight, Archidamus swiped with his power glaive and removed chunks of flesh from the Nob's forearm plate, intending to sever the beasts arm. Laughing the Nob swing his meaty fist toward his opponent, but Archidamus raised his breacher shield in time to parry the blow. Throwing him off balance, he regained his footing and moved toward the hulking monster. Sliding under the xeno's waist, the glaive seared and sliced away flesh from the Nobs' right leg. Launching himself upright, he stabbed upward toward the beasts' armored spine, finding a chink.

"Oi, wot are you doin, fink your some sort of pointy ear do ya? Prancin' about?"

Another swing of the Orks massive bludgeon knocked the breacher shield from Archidamus' grip, and left the glaive firmly planted within the creatures hide. Regaining his footing, he moved forward and stepped upon the glaive where he climbed up the monsters back down the middle. Though oversized, the Nobs' arms couldn't reach the more agile Space Marine now climbing toward his head. With swift motions Archidamus now stood squarely upon the neck of his opponent and unsheathed his power sword. Bringing it down with all of his strength, he plunged the blade deep within the Orks head, burning through thick iron, and even thicker bone. As he wrenched it free, the greenskin's body grew slack from death and collapsed toward the ground. All around the field, Orks fled in a massed panic at the sight of their slain leader.


The Spartiates drew their circle closer toward their Chapter Master as he went to retrieve his power glaive, still embedded within the dead hulk of the Ork.

"A hell of a start." 1st Champion Lycurgus spoke.

"Aye, that it is. How many wounded?" Archidamus inquired.

"None my lord."

"Good, we aren't done with this fight yet."